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LaVon Hardison - Musician / Songwriter

Business: LaVon Hardison
Years In Business: 25 years

2103 Harrison Ave NW, #604 - Olympia - 98502
Email   3602591683
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LaVon Hardison
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About LaVon Hardison

I’m LaVon Hardison, a Pacific Northwest jazz singer, collaborator, and performer.

For me, nothing expresses heartbreak, elation, or love like a good tune.

My music is rooted in jazz. But jazz is more to me than great music. It’s the core. The blood. The thing that beats: the heartbeat of song. It is the foundation even of my songs that don't sound like jazz.

Jazz is technical excellence, beautiful lyrics, compelling solos, collaborative music-making. The improvisational, communicative qualities of jazz make it the perfect vehicle for exploring universal experiences. It’s my ideal truth-telling medium.

Far from limiting me, jazz allows me to transcend genre, to hear a good song as a good song and express it in a way that feels honest. Whether I’m singing in a swing duo, interpreting a popular tune, introducing a new original composition, or singing a good-old standard, jazz is my compass. Take the journey with me.

Types Of Services

entertainment, custom songwriting, inspirational music, original music, jazz standards, wedding music, concerts, events,