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Business: A.L.A. Consulting Firm
Years In Business: 7 years

1201 3rd Ave Ste 2200 - Seattle - 98101
Email   253-375-8428
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Anquida Adams
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About A.L.A. Consulting Firm

About A.L.A. Consulting Firm:
A.L.A. Consulting Firm a Global Boutique Firm with expertise in Social Relations with a holistic human-centered approach to seeing, developing, & implementing systems such as human & or organizational systems.

We have an organized transitional flow w/in and between systems, which creates a learning environment for Organizations' Socio-Emtional/Psychological Development(corporations/ government/ non-profits), Equity, Inclusion, & Diversity (EID), Entrepreneurship/Startups, & Individuals (personal, professional, & the family.) to explore a Holistic/Human-Centered approach to developing skills of creating a higher awareness of Identity intelligence™?, Human Energetic Systems™? , Human Emotional-Setpoint System™? & other internal/external environmental stimuli to address next-generation personal and business challenges.

Simply put, we help navigate our clients through times of personal & professional unpredictable circumstances by focusing on our core foundation of Mental self-investigation, Emotional Intelligence, Conversational Intelligence, and Physical/Mental/ Spiritual wellness!

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A.L.A. Consulting Firm