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Business: A.L.A. World Foundation/Nonprofit
Years In Business: 3 yrs years

1201 3rd Ave Ste 2200 - Seattle - 98101
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Anquida Adams
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About A.L.A. World Foundation/Nonprofit

The A.L.A. Foundation is a human-centered impact-driven nonprofit. Our mission is to unlock the human potential in the present and future generations to create a more awakened sustainable society that serves the highest good of all humanity on a local and global level, online and offline- one act of being a kind human and one intentional brief life experiences at a time.

We believe that self-awareness of hereditary patterns and simply being an authentic human being with a combination of both the Analytical (logical) and Emotional (Heart Space) to redefine the individual/cultural/ family/professional/entrepreneurial/ organizational force of the 21st century, and through the work of our 501(C) (3), we have our projects and we support a growing community of partner organization energizing the systemic human societal change in how we see and navigate our world as individuals and the worlds around us.

At A.L.A. Foundation, we do our research by listening to all beings and their communities, co-create with them to educate our organization on the topic and all parties involved & spotlight the projects, and develop a new generation of leadership to mobilize a global change.

Three areas are the Foundation, Social Relations Research Institute of Human Development, and Global Human Sustainable and Economic Forum Foundation

Our Foundation Projects:

Projects: The Human to Human Project- stainable living for all socioeconomic systems to thrive.

A.L.A. Disability Transition and Resource Center- launching fall Virtual Services


The Social Relations Research Institute of Human Development 

Global Human Sustainable and Economic Forum:

Savvy Successful Black Business Women(SSBBW)

Global Savvy Successful Business Women

Females of Color Influencing Systems FOCIS-Powered by SSBBW

Savvy Successful Business Men

Males of Color Influencing Systems MOCIS-Powered by SSBBM

Global Savvy Successful Business Men


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